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5 Places to Experience the Great Outdoors in Las Vegas

Is Las Vegas all about casinos? Bars? Restaurants? Strip clubs? Not at all! There’s a whole lot more, and if you thought otherwise, it’s time to get out of your partying shoes and go picnicking, hiking, or even just getting the sun. At these astonishing historic and beautiful parks, you’ll enjoy the best moments viewing massive sights and loving the breathtaking wonders of the great outdoors in Las Vegas! 

Great Canyon National Park

Can you imagine why over five million people visit this historic site every year? It’s not just about the fantastic outdoors it’s got; the attractions and the water view keep you wanting to spend every day and night there. And you know what’s more? You get camping offers so you can absorb this national monument every single second of the day. It’s one of the leading parks in the world and adventurers from all over never cease to travel down to inhale the pleasant sights of this Canyon. And don’t forget your camera!

Valley of Fire State Park

Of all the attractions in Las Vegas, Valley of Fire is one with a name that tickles your ears and gets your eyes beaming. Tell you why! It’s located in the midst of red rocks and is the oldest national park in the whole of Nevada. With a fantastic and colorful variety of birds such as the raven and sage sparrows, you’ll feel a great connection with nature. You’ve only got to drive 52 miles from Las Vegas, and you’ll be right there in the valley that has once been used for hunting. Who says you can’t go hiking, camping, or even just picnicking all year long?

Mount Charleston

Nevada’s highest Spring Mountain is perfect for walks, nature trips, or other exciting hiking at night. With a height of 3632 meters, this mountain has beautiful sights that you can enjoy especially during spring and summer. And if you’re up for skiing in winter, there’s no better place to get the nature trip that you direly need. You’ll drive just 30 minutes from the city, and you get the luxury of calendar events that allow you go hiking and enjoy guided tours. What could be more fun than climbing to the peak of Nevada’s eighth highest mountain peak?

Red Rock Canyon

Outdoor spaces in Las Vegas ignite the same passion that you feel in the casinos. At the Red Rock Canyon, you can go driving, biking, or even hiking. You can also go horseback riding, too, because there’s no better place to explore. With the myriads of trails and petroglyphs on the canyon, you’ll be impressed with the delightful experience that Las Vegas offers. And if you’re a lover of the green space or plants, you’ll find over six hundred species and animals like squirrels, rabbits, and wild burros.

Sunset Park

Get the best of sports and games at this valley park! With your team, family, and friends, you can compete on the soccer fields. Or grab the thrill that comes with the disc golf course. Go on the tennis and volleyball courts, the trails and playgrounds! Your kids can catch their fun and make memorable moments in their youth. As early as 6am every day, Sunset Park is open to receive you, and you’ll find any and everything to keep you happy till you leave at 11pm.

Why stay indoors in Las Vegas or anywhere else in the world when you can be outdoors visiting any of these parks and keeping a date with nature?


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