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5 Places to Watch an NFL Games on The Strip

Football at home may be loads of fun, but it also includes hosting. You have to make food, clean up, and wipe dirty footprints off your coffee table.  Skip it, and instead check out these five places to watch NFL games (and other sports) on The Strip!  

NFL Hangouts

Umami Burger Beer Garden & Sports Book

Fill your Saturdays with more than a football match. Watch your best team or the home team play in a setting that’s perfect for gourmet burgers, beers, relaxation, and as much fun as you want. You get the option of paying about $70 for a reservation booth where you can cool off as the games play on. Prices vary, but you also get an individual TV with it. You’ll find TVs in every corner; betting flows through easily; beers (pitchers or Bud Light) cost very little, and the food and appetizers are as fun as the game itself!

Tag Sports Bar

Go all out with your friends at the Ling Hotel and Casino. Right there in the heart of The Strip, Tag Sports Bar has you watching football from any area in the casino. You’ve got chairs, bar stools, couches, tables and every kind of comfort to keep you having a great time. There, the menu has got 300 brews of beer, with lots of food including kettle chips, hot dogs, pizza and more. Red Zone allows you gamble as you watch or even bet during the football season. And remember, it’s first come, first served. So, grab your seat this minute!


Beer Park Las Vegas

What do you think about watching football and getting the best views of The Strip? That’s what comes with watching football outdoors. From the bars, couches, chairs to picnic tables, this place allows you to sit where you like and enjoy every night game like you’re actually standing next to the Eiffel Tower or Bellagio Fountains. These are beautiful scenes that can bring you excitement while you wait for your team to score that goal. So don’t miss out on the beer, cocktails, rooftop scenery, and of course, betting options. Perfecto!

PBR Rock Bar

With a restaurant and large bar within the Planet Hollywood, PBR Rock Bar keeps viewers entertained. From the first game to the last. Every single one! Their satellite TV stands them out, and of course, tots with every meal makes the football more worth it.

We could go on and on to talk about the best bars, hotels, restaurants, and casinos that look out for your football interest. Don’t miss out on the football season when you can be in any of these great places, being on top of your own game.


Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino Super Book

For a football experience that’s more than the usual, this place on The Strip is just perfect for you. Tourists and locals fill up this Vegas paradise from as early as 9am, and afterward, the 400+ seats are taken. Why not spend your Sunday out here where you can be sure you’ll enjoy the view from a large LED high-definition video wall. Although there are much more TVs in every part of the casino, this video wall continues to be the strongest attraction for many football fans. Now, aren’t you eager to see it? Place your bet, grab your beer, and eat to your fill!


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