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5 Production Shows to See in Las Vegas

5 Production Shows

With the absolutely remarkable ways Las Vegas brings the old art of theater and dance to life, don’t be surprised if Greece and Rome get envious of this city. Among the many entertaining shows that Las Vegas presents are the production shows which keep you excited, educated and mesmerized. So if you’re up for fun, see these five production shows.

Blue Man Group

Firstly, at Luxor Hotel Casino, the audience is forever flabbergasted by this ever colorful show that transcends the heights of comedy and illusion. You could never get enough of the laughter as this blend of rock music, and other banging sounds keep you entertained. What’s more? You get to wonder how the three men in blue keep you delighted even without saying a word. As the excitement swells, you and your family get enlightened about the typical human character and bask in the ecstasy of sweet music and almost voiceless communication. With the instruments, lights and other effects, you’ll be pleased you spent your $89.99 on a blue group that got your eyes beaming and your jaws laughing non-stop.

Menopause The Musical

Rewind to the 70s! Yeah! This is what this show is all about. It’s a funny show that gets you remembering what life was like in the old times. And say, don’t you just wish you could go back? Anyway, this sweet-sixteen show has won the heart of many locals and visitors in Las Vegas. Audiences always lose sight of their aging worries and anxieties when the performers (the women especially) take on their different characters. With this show, talking about menopause becomes pretty cool, and it’s all packed with honest remarks and some sarcasm on the side. So if you’re scared of growing old and just want an escape for some 90 minutes, see this show now! It’s only a minimum of $76 at Harrah’s Cabaret, Harrah’s.

VEGAS! The Show

Las Vegas tells its own story! Yes! In this official all-in-one show of Sin City, you get to see all the amazing entertainers who were part of the making of this entertainment city. It brings you closer to the actual women who have kept the scene hot and exciting. Meet women who are the true definition of sophistication, class, beauty, and style. They’re not just performers; they’re talented artists who do their music and dance like their lives depended on it. Dancers shake it as you want it! Costumes can almost get your eyes popping out! Don’t skip this show if you love icons and the original touch of Las Vegas. And of course, 75 minutes in Saxe Theater, Planet Hollywood is perfect for your $58.99 and more.

BAZ – Star Crossed Love

Baz Luhrmann’s ingenious weave of concert and theater has made Las Vegas sparkle with this entertaining show. It’s one that marries music with film and captures audience attention in the most electrifying ways ever. Star Crossed Love features selections from “Romeo + Juliet,” “The Great Gatsby,” and includes other hit songs such as “Love Song” and “Back to Black.” With all of these creative elements and other very delightful sounds, this show will always be a top one for many audiences. So why not go see it? 90 minutes, yes. The Palazzo Theatre, yes. Starting at $74. Just right!

Tournament of Kings at the Excalibur

Lastly, get your family out this weekend to see a Las Vegas show that serves you dinner while you get overwhelmed by kings and knights. Something from King Arthur? Sure! If you’ve never really seen knights in shining armors except on TV, this is one big chance to do that. A retelling of King Arthur’s story makes your time at King Arthur’s Arena a lot more interesting than you could ever have predicted. You get to meet Merlin, watch battles, “drink dragon’s blood,” eat sweet pastries with desserts, enjoy your fill of alcohol or juice, and glow in the feast with all the kings and knights. Be part of the celebration. And don’t leave your family behind. Get more than you bargained for with $96.


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