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5 Reasons to Fly on SlotZilla

If you think that Las Vegas and its nightclubs, avant-garde shows, and casinos couldn’t get any more daring, wait until you try the adventure the SlotZilla offers. SlotZilla is not your typical Las Vegas attraction, it allows you to explore the city from high above in a way that you never have before.

Following are 5 reasons to fly on SlotZilla:

A Unique Zipline Experience

There are many ziplines in the world that allow you to soar around through the nature, but SlotZilla is different because it allows you to soar way above everyone in downtown Las Vegas. Located at Fremont Street, SlotZilla offers an adventure to take you over the buskers and crowds, over the Fremont casinos, past all the people drinking and live music on the street, through a huge tunnel that is the Viva Vision Light Show. All this while you are in an amazing Superman position. And the best thing about it is that you can expect the experience to be different from one night to the next.

Two Different Options

There are two different choices of ziplines. The SlotZilla Zipline is an easy option. It is 77 feet high and is suitable for families with younger kids. Slotzilla is in a traditional zipline position (sitting down). It runs halfway of the Fremont Street Experience, between Fremont Casino and Four Queens casino. Another option is for the real thrill seekers and for those who love heights. It is called SlotZilla Zoomline. It is 114 feet high and runs through the entire Fremont at a speed of 40 miles per hour. You will land over the last stage, between Las Vegas Club casino and Golden Gate casino.

It is Completely Safe

SlotZilla offers a safe and fun experience. You go through several safety checks before you actually begin your flight. If there is an issue, the staff halts the ride temporarily until the issue is resolved. They are committed to a ride that’s completely safe.

Record Your Adventure Via GoPro Helmets

You can get approved GoPro helmets from the harness deck. In this way, you can record your entire flying experience. However, you will need to purchase the video at the end. You cannot bring your own camera or other recording equipment. Similar to videos, the photos of your experience are available for purchase. There will also be a posed photo of you once you land.

It’s Relatively Cheap

The cost of the lower Zipline is around $25 while the cost of the upper Zoomline is around $45. The pricing changes from season to season. Some may say that it is a bit pricey considering how long it lasts, but it is certainly reasonable for the adventure you get to experience. It is an absolute thrill that gives theme parks and casinos in the area a serious run for their money.

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