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5 Most Unique Burgers in Las Vegas

Restaurants all over Las Vegas have stepped up their game – it’s not sufficient anymore to crave a regular burger; you need the most unique burgers. Go through these unique burgers in Las Vegas, and you’ll have found the best fast-food diet that fits you perfectly.

Rossini Burger – Burger Bar at Mandalay Bar

Rich with Australia’s Kobe beef and shaved truffles in a bun filled with onions, this burger is a giant one by celebrated Hubert Keller. Chef Keller has just the right touch of foie gras with an eye-catching display of brown sauce. If you’re a burger lover, then you’ll never have enough of this high-level burger garnished with other tart pickles and hand-cut fries. Burger Bar’s top chef never excludes the pineapples, turkey and fried eggs which make your diet even complete with the right dessert to go with it.

Crunch Burger – Bobby’s Burger Palace

Another unique and mouth-watering burger is by Bobby Flay, a chef who sure knows his onions. Juicy meat, yes! Melted cheese to cake, yes! This burger is assorted with potato chips, two American cheese, roasted green chilies, turkey patties, chicken, 100% Angus beef and hot peppers. Don’t you just love it hot and spicy? To step it down sumptuously, enjoy the potato fries with a drink.

Stout Burger – Anthony’s Gourmet Burgers & Brews

Grab the best burger at Anthony’s Gourmet Burgers & Brew where the gourmet burgers are incomplete without the craft beers. The Stout Burger fills you with its perfect feature of smoked bacon, fried onions, Irish cheddar cheese and stout mustard. With salmon roasted in herb, rich sauces and salads, delicious asides with spare ribs, you’ll always want to remain in Las Vegas. And you know what, it’s worth every $ you spend.

Cheese Burger – Strip Burger

At Strip Burger, you’ll get the blue Cheese burger made in traditional and classic ways. On the Strip, Strip Burger serves this burger with fresh buns, crispy salads, and other lavish toppings to get you eager to eat to your fill. Your diet is perfect with a beer or milkshake that leaves you feeling fulfilled after such a smashing meal at an outdoor restaurant.

The Rising Sun – Holstein’s Shakes and Buns

No matter how much variety you have to choose from, you’ll never overlook Holstein’s The Rising Sun. This burger is unique for its crispy yam, Kobe beef, teriyaki glaze, spicy mayo and tempura avocado. It’s so incredible that you’ll love it with the right beer or appetizer.

We could go on talking about other sliders, chicken burgers or other good old burgers garnished with grilled mushrooms. And if you’re a non-beef eater, you can still enjoy rich veggie burgers. There’s no going to Las Vegas without getting the best of these unique burgers. What’s more intriguing is that you can always try something new, like create your perfect burger (in Burger Bay, for example).

As much as it’s true that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, when you enjoy our selection of unique burgers, you’ll be so delighted to share your experience with your friends. So, stay glued to our blog at for more amazing things to enrich your time in Las Vegas. If you’ve not had a burger bar in Las Vegas, you’ve never tasted a burger. And yes, that’s no lie!


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