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Area 51 Bus Tour

Prices from $190
Area 51 Bus Tour

The unique and unusual Area 51 Bus Tour begins with a view of the top secret and non-existing Janet Airlines! This fleet of unmarked jets are housed at Las Vegas International Airport and have gone unnoticed for years now. These jets are used to carry workers on a daily basis to the infamous “Area 51.”

Times and Location

Departing Time: 7:00AM
Duration: Approximately 10 hours
Departing: Las Vegas
Destination: Area 51

Operates on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, or any day with a combined group of 6 or more.


  • Courtesy premium hotel pick-up and drop off. If you are not picked up within five minutes of your pick-up time, do not wait. Please CALL US IMMEDIATELY
  • Lunch at Little A’Le Inn
  • Tour surroundings of area 51
  • Minimum of 4 people to operate the tour


  • Top Secret Janet Airlines
  • Mysterious Dry Lake and Alien Petroglyphs
  • Little “Ale-Inn” for Lunch
  • Black Mailbox location (abducted)
  • Mutant Joshua Tree Forest
  • Area 51 “The Perimeter & the Men in Black”

Need To Know

  • Hiking or athletic walking shoes
  • Temperatures are cooler from October – February so long pants and a warm jacket are appropriate.
  • March – September temperatures are warm where shorts, hats light shirt are comfortable.


You think Area 51 doesn’t exist in real life? Well you need to change that though because it does!. So the question is, what are they keeping there, alien bodies unidentified flying objects?. The controversies surrounding this area has been given more credence by the fact that it was chosen as a Top Security Military Facility in the United States of America.

The Area 51 tour starts with an amazing visit to the Top Secret Janet Airlines that had been hiding in plain sight for over 10 years at the Las Vegas International airport where workers are moved to and from Area 51 every day. The path to Area 51, is through the most desolate, uninhabited desert in the world. This is followed by a journey through the astonishing Joshua Tree Forest that takes us to an old dry lake where unique Indian Petroglyphs which look like 6 feet tall Aliens can be seen. We were then moved to the mysterious dry lake which is the location where a number of UFO sightings are alleged to have occurred.

After an amazing and beautiful scenic drive through the “Extraterrestrial Highway” we arrived at the world famous Little A’le’ Inn. This is the location that has played host to a number of documentaries and movies and documentaries (including “Independence Day). This is where we had access to numerous souvenirs and information about Area 51. You can also purchase Ex Airman, Captain Chuck Clark’s book, amazingland, a very detailed report on Area 51. After eating a couple of tasty Alien Burger that are available at the Little A’le’ Inn, we moved to the location of Black Mailbox m, which is a secret meeting ground where UFO enthusiasts gather to watch the sky at night.

We were then moved to the full perimeter of Area 51, where we gained entry into yet another dry lake that was close to the strange Mutant Joshua Tree forest, which is where a lot guards (The Men In Black) are stationed with highly technical weapons, devices for detection and listening and cameras that are placed with the cactus.

You can wave at the guards that are heavily armed guards in their vehicles that are parked right on the desert hillside but you definitely won’t get a response. They just sit and observe from inside their tinted windows. Even though the United States government have denied for years that Area 51 ever existed. We are now aware that it does even though what it inside remains a mystery. This tour is an in depth tour to the world’s most secret military facility.


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