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Anthony Cools

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Anthony Cools

Keep your eyes on the swinging pocket watch. Are you getting sleepy? Are you getting very sleepy? While this is the typical connotation associated with hypnotism, Anthony Cools: The Uncensored Hypnotist is nothing like the typical shows in this vein.

Times and Location

Location: Anthony Cools Theater at the Paris Hotel and Casino
Show Length: 90 minutes


Anthony Cools hypnotizes the audience, persuading many volunteers into doing things on stage in a night of “good, dirty fun.”

The screen that hangs on either side of the stage warns the audience members that they will become a star together and the real performers during this show are those who have the courage to be hypnotized.

Natalie is your DJ and hostess for the night. She goes over the ground rules before the show begins. She lets audiences know that they should expect an unedited and uncensored experience.

Cools wants to know where the party people are sitting and his contagious energy lets everyone know exactly what they are in for from the beginning. Once the audience has been greeted, Anthony Cools tests their susceptibility. This involves crowd interaction that is funny and playful.

The end result involves plentiful laugh and the test is conducted to find out who are the best candidates for hypnotism. There are also three restrictions for quality candidates. Drunk, high or not willing to be hypnotized? Nix the idea of being high enough to enjoy yourself on stage or using instigation tactics to have a moment in the spotlight.

Audience Participation

The show gives everyone the opportunity to be part of the show. Take one of the chairs on stage. As soon as each seat has been taken, the true show is underway.

The hypnotist has no special powers and he assures everyone that they will be doing this to themselves. Even when they are in a state of hypnosis, they are still well aware of what is taking place around them.

After briefing the volunteers, there is an “induction” part of the show. Everyone in the theater is asked to remain completely silent so that the volunteers are able to reach a total state of hypnosis.

If the participants cannot achieve a true hypnotic state, they are asked to return to the audience. Once he is sufficiently satisfied with the remaining volunteers and their state of hypnotism, they are asked to open their eyes. Then they’re asked to play orchestra instruments as if they were performing.

Sheer Comedy

In mere moments, they are fully awake and playing nonexistent instruments for all they are worth, as a classic symphony plays over the theater’s loudspeaker. This exaggerated version of air guitar takes place with a whole orchestra’s worth of instruments.

The audience’s laughter is uproarious as volunteers begin to lose their breath because of their passionate performances. All of the volunteers’ performances are equally amusing. Once the music starts to fade, Cools asks everyone on stage to return to their previous state of deep slumber. This is where the show takes a much filthier turn.

For example, a male participant may be told that an unthinkable area of his body is burning. Meanwhile the famous Johnny Cash standard “Ring Of Fire” plays. A female participant could be assigned her very own talking body part that only she can hear speak to her.

Spellbinding Experiences

These hilarious acts are spellbinding. In addition to the word and song commands, people are also hypnotized to believe they are in outlandish situations. One of the most ridiculous scenes that Cools sets is when everyone is asked to fall into a deep state of sleep. Then they’re told that they will wake up nude and need to audition for a role in a pornographic movie.

Whether you choose to participate in the show or simply observe, this show offers a special night of hypnotism based comedy that you are not going to want to miss.

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