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Best Ramen & Noodle Bowl Spots in Las Vegas

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When people think of fine dining in Las Vegas, their mind usually goes straight to dining locations on the Las Vegas Strip. This is because many people think the Strip is the only place you can get amazing food in Las Vegas. This belief is wrong, however, because there are many spots off the Strip that sell amazing food. In fact, if you’re looking for a specific kind of food, such as ramen or noodle bowls, the majority of the best places to find them are off the Las Vegas Strip.

If you find yourself craving it in Las Vegas, the best spots to get some ramen/noodle bowls are:

Ramen Sora

Ramen Sora serves really amazing ramen bowls, and the regular clientele can’t get enough of their food. Their “Killer Spicy Ramen” is one of the best miso in all of Las Vegas. It’s available in normal spicy miso or Killer spicy miso. Unlike other ramen spots that import from New York and Los Angeles, Ramen Sora imports its ingredients from Sapporo, Hokkaido, a northern Japanese island. They also have great corn butter ramen.

Jinya Ramen Bar

At this quick-service noodle bowl spot, they serve amazing chicken ramen, which is available in three variants – hot, spicy, and mild. Their signature item, which many patrons love, is their Tonkotsu Black bowl. It is made up of thin pork slices, boiled and seasoned egg, garlic oil, covered in a rich tonkotsu pork broth. It’s served with extra thick noodles which are fresh-made daily and aged for three days.

Monta Japanese Noodle House

Monta is actually the pioneer noodle house in Las Vegas. Before they set up shop, Las Vegas ramen was almost only limited to the college-popular instant versions. They were the ones that introduced the city of Las Vegas to ramen broth variations such as shoyu, tonkotsu, and miso. To date, they still serve delicious and amazing ramen that people all around Las Vegas love.

Ichi Ramen House

The food sold at Ichi Ramen House is good enough to compete with, if not better than the ramen sold at most ramen houses in Japan. It is the first ramen house to open and operate in northwest Las Vegas, making delicious ramen available in almost every corner of the Las Vegas Valley. They serve amazing ramen and some of their popular menu items include black garlic ramen, curry ramen, tomato seafood ramen, and also vegetarian ramen.

Izakaya Go

This noodle bowl spot attracts clientele from all walks of life, and the variety of the crowd adds to the excitement of dining there. It also has a happy hour, from 10pm to 2am, with select bowls available for $5. They have ramen of different types, including shio, shoyu, and miso ramen. For lovers of alcohol, Izakaya Go has an excellent assortment of booze.

Las Vegas ramen spots have amazing options for ramen available for you whenever you have a craving for it. The best part is that there’s a wide range of flavors available and they’ll vary from one ramen bowl spot to another. So exploring the options can turn into an adventure on its own.

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