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Why You Should Book a Reservation with Flightlinez

Flightlinez | Zipline Las Vegas

Reserve a Zipline Tour with Flightlinez

Flightlinez offers a rare kind of zipline experience. They have provision for guests to either hike and fly. They take you around the world famous Bootleg Canyon and Boulder City where you will enjoy mind-blowing scenic views.

For guests who love wildlife, they will get to see hawks, lizards, big horn sheep and other desert animals. Hiking is just a secondary part of the fun. Fly at the speed of 60 mph on Flightlinez famous zipline. This is where the real fun lies.

You and every other guest will fly down on 4 separate ziplines for almost two miles around the great Bootleg canyon. Getting the aerial view of several scenic sites is a different kind of experience on its own. The fun is unlimited.

Flightlinez’s Guides are Tops

There are several funny, approachable, safety-conscious professional guides that are on ground to make sure you and every other guest in the group are safe and comfortable. While you may get tempted to take snap shots in the air, it is not allowed except if your camera is hands-free. This is for safety reasons. For the same reason, taking in-flight selfies is highly prohibited.

They are open 7 days a week and 365 days a year from 8am to 5pm PST every day. Flightlinez is located in Boulder City in Nevada. For maximum enjoyment, you should consider the weather when choosing your outfit. Ladies should wear knickers or trousers and not skirts. Everyone should wear shoes that cover their feet. Sun glasses are recommended but not compulsory. You can come with a cap or hat but Flightlinez does not guarantee that it won’t fall off because the zip lines move at about 60 mph.

To ensure safety, there is a safety class before the bus ride to the top of the mountain. This class is to give visitors all the basic safety information. As a recap, the whole tour is in 3 stages. The first one is the bus ride to the mountain. It is followed by about 15 minutes hike. The best part is the series of 4 separate zip line flights that will take you back down where the bus will take you back to the shop.

The kind of animals you see really depends on the time you choose. Those who take the morning trip are likely to see the big-horn sheep while those on the afternoon trip will come across several mountain lizards. One tour will fill you with enough memories to last you a lifetime.

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