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Car Enthusiasts Love Shelby Museum in Las Vegas

Shelby Museum Las Vegas

Even if Las Vegas is famous for casinos and gambling, visitors arriving here may have many different passions. For example, if a tourist is a car enthusiast, can s/he fulfill her/his passion in Las Vegas? Yes, of course they can! Among the many things to do in Las Vegas, car lovers can find plenty to do and fill their days. For instance, the Shelby Museum is a top attraction in Las Vegas for car lovers. Even non-car-lovers find the museum is an enjoyable alternative to casino chips, cards, slots and dice!

Carroll Shelby International Revs Up Las Vegas

The facility of Carroll Shelby International was founded in 2003 by Shelby American, a manufacturer of custom performance vehicles. The founder, Carroll Shelby, was a Texas born car enthusiast and a multi-talented man, a race driver, automobile designer and an entrepreneur. Today both, Shelby American and Shelby Museum are housed in the Shelby Heritage Center, located just next to Interstate 15, a few blocks away from Las Vegas Boulevard. It’s around a $10 cab-ride from the Las Vegas Strip, so very easy and economical to access.

The Shelby Museum with an expanse of 10,000 sq. feet houses a range of Shelby vehicles that will amaze car lovers. The range includes the very first Cobra CSX2000, the famous 1980s trio of Dodges – a Dodge Charger Shelby prototype of 1983, a Dodge Omni Shelby GLHS of 1986 and a Dodge Shelby prototype of 1989, Shelby GT-H, Shelby Raptor, GT500KR, Terlingua and some of the latest creations. The display keeps changing and every day you can get a chance to see new Shelby creations.

Shelby Museum Hours of Operation

The museum is open from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm. From Monday to Friday, at 10:30 am and 1:30, and on Saturday at 10:30 am, the museum conducts free tours. They also conduct free tours of the production facilities, which is an enchanting experience. So whether you are a car-lover or not, you should enjoy the Shelby Museum in Las Vegas!

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