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Carrot Top

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Carrot Top at The Luxor

When you arrive at a Carrot Top show, there is no telling what sort of crazy contraption he will use, but those who consider him a mere prop comic are underselling his genius. The wacky drops are just an extension of his hilariously funny and outrageous personality.

Times and Location

Location: Luxor Hotel and Casino
Show Length:90 minutes


Some jokes use items pulled from his trunk of props. However, he also relies on his natural comedic talent. he provides witty commentary on everything from NASCAR to celebrities to tourists to current events.

One of his most famous bits needles Vegas visitors for their propensity to develop sudden gambling urges. He talks about the time that he managed to lose $20 playing a Coke machine. From there, he’ll introduce some of his many inventions. For example, a long and bendable tube that he uses to blow out of and aim at his wild mess of hair. He also has a redneck baby carrier!

Carrot Top barely needs a breather as he continues to transition between telling jokes and frantically searching for new props.

He’ll change topics before you even know what hit you. For example, he’ll go from talking about the Excalibur to porn conventions. Audiences love his raw takes on events and will typically end up laughing uproariously in spite of themselves.

Props Galore

Carrot Top even talks about athletes. He uses a football helmet that he constructed a phallic attachment for to demonstrate his points about what his least favorite players need to be wearing.

The show is every bit as crazy as his unique appearance would suggest. What may seem like a loud fashion statement for the majority of us is actually tame in comparison with the comedian’s unhinged personality.

His true spirit shines through when a bucket is lowered from the ceiling, a bucket that contains what Carrot Top refers to as his “medicine.” As it turns out, his medicine is a bottle of Crown Royal (we can relate).

Carrot Top is generous with his medication, pouring shots for himself and audience members as AC/DC’s “Have a Drink on Me” blares in the background. There is no telling what the rambunctious comedian will say or do next.

There are moments where it appears as if he doesn’t even know what will end up coming of his mouth next, but he has no problem admitting to the audience that his antics entertain himself as much as everyone else. However, this incredible show will have audience members re-telling jokes to their friends and family members for hours afterwards!

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