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5 Reasons Why You Should See a Cirque du Soleil Show in Las Vegas

Reason to See Cirque du Soleil Show Las Vegas

Cirque du Soleil has grown into one of the largest international art institutions of the twentieth century. From a small group of performers to one of the hottest shows in the world, you can’t miss one of Cirque du Soleil’s five unique experiences.  Get tickets for a show in Vegas now!  

Below are the top five reasons why you should see a Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas!

1. Each show is unique

From the spectacular lighting, costumes, and sets to the death-defying acrobatics, there are a number of reasons you must see Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas. Whether you’re looking for the watery whirlwind of “O” or the eroticism of “Zumanity,” there’s a show for everyone.  Each one is unique, but every show offers incredible talent, beautiful choreography, dangerous acrobatics, and more.

2. Spectacular special effects

The Cirque du Soleil has been taken special effects to a whole new level, and you can watch a magnificent display of talent by three opposing elements that somehow defy the law of nature. Even if you are most cynical theatergoer in Las Vegas, you will be awed by the fires of “Ka,” or the ghostly pirate ship that floats on air in “O.” Don’t miss the spectacular surprises each show has to offer!

3. Costumes & Sets

From the whimsical and brightly colored to the bold and audacious, each Cirque du Soleil boasts beautiful costume designs and mind-blowing sets.  From the Sergeant Pepper characters in “Love” to the soaring towers of “Ka,” each show brings together technology, art, theatre, and music to create a one-of-a-kind experience you can’t get anywhere else.

4. Wonderment & Escape

In our hectic lives, every so often we need to stop and appreciate something beautiful.  Cirque provides theatre-goers with two hours of absolute wonder, awe, escapism, and beauty. It’s impossible to stress about the day to day when you’re watching high-divers jump from 60 feet up into a small pool; when a herd of Zebras dance underwater; when Lucy dances in the sky with diamonds.  There’s never a moment without action, without song and dance, whether you’re watching one lone performer or the whole troupe. Cirque shows are magical.

5. Only in Las Vegas

These shows– “Ka,” “O,” “Zumanity,” “Mystere,” and “Love” are only available in Las Vegas.  Yes, you can see other shows in New York, Orlando, and elsewhere on tour, but these unique, special experiences can only be had in Sin City.  So whether you’re here on vacation, just driving through, or lived here for years, don’t go home with regrets.  Take in some of the most spectacular shows on Earth, only in Las Vegas! So book your tickets today!

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