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Club de Soleil All Suites Hotel

Club de Soleil all Suites Hotel

Club de Soleil All Suites Hotel

Enjoy your stay at this garden-setting resort. Club de Soleil is just a few miles from the exciting Las Vegas Strip and offers luxurious amenities that you won’t want to pass up. Its tranquil terraces and soothing surroundings make it the perfect destination.

It’s located just a few miles from the Las Vegas Strip, so you get all the benefits of easy access to fun without all the chaos.

Relax in luxury. Here you’ll find a beautiful clubhouse, 2 fitness centers (both 24/7), a tennis court, and more. There’s putt-putt golf, a gift shop, and bbq grills to keep you entertained. If that’s not enough, bask in the two 24-hour heated pools, or the two 24-hour hot tubs.


There are two locations for suites, Club 1 and Club 2. Both have studios, one bedroom, and two bedroom suites.
In the studio, you’ll find a microwave, small refrigerator, toaster, coffee pot, and sink.
The one bedroom comes with a fireplace, master bath, a jacuzzi tub (at Club 2), a washer/dryer, and more!
The two bedroom has all the amenities of both the studio and the one bedroom! It also accommodates up to six people.



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