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Comedy and Dolls – Las Vegas

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Comedy And Dolls Show

Comedy and Dolls – Las Vegas

Do you enjoy watching standup comedy? Do you also find yourself wishing that comedy shows had a greater sex appeal? If so, Comedy and Dolls offers you the chance to combine these two pursuits in one convenient location on the Las Vegas Strip.

Times and Location

Location: Cabaret, Planet Hollywood
Show Length: 90 minutes


We all know that taking the time to see a stand-up comedian in Las Vegas can be well worth your while. Now think about how much better the experience will be if you add a little sexy burlesque dancing to the mix.

The marriage of these two concepts is how Comedy and Dolls came to be and this Planet Hollywood show offers visitors the chance to enjoy a truly unique experience.

This show features a rotating lineup of burlesque dancing and various comedians, evoking an 1840’s feeling, as this was the era when these two styles of entertainment went hand and hand. Those who are looking for a show in Las Vegas with modern amenities and a good old fashioned style of performance have certainly come to the right place.

You will find yourself alternating between being spellbound by the skilled dancing provided by the burlesque performers and holding your sides due to all of the top notch comedy that you are going to enjoy. At Comedy and Dolls, audiences who wish to enjoy their comedy with a healthy side of sex appeal are in luck.

The comedians that you are going to see at this show are highly recognizable, as many of them have appeared on a wide range of popular cable television networks, such as HBO, Comedy Central and VH1. They are also recognizable from their appearances on well respected late night talk shows like “The Late Show with David Letterman,” “The Late, Late Show” and “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno”.

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