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Escape or Die – Escape Room Experience

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Escape Or Die

Escape or Die | A Las Vegas Escape Room Experience

Escape or Die has 3 funny, sometimes frightening escape rooms for you to enjoy! At a variety of difficulty levels and creepiness levels, there’s definitely one for you! All three are apocalypse themed, and you and your friends have to escape the room by solving puzzles and riddles before time runs out.

Zombie Takeover – Creepy – Difficulty: Hard
Just as we expected – zombies have overrun the Earth, and you have to escape their decaying clutches before they catch you… and we all know what happens next.
*Parental Discretion Advised

The Next Civilization – Not creepy – Difficulty: Easy
Well, we finally did it.  We wrecked the planet. Pretty much everyone is dead, but there’s a small civilization… a spark of hope.  Your professor believes only the smartest of his students deserve a second chance, so he’s hidden clues in his office.  If you can figure it out in time, you can join him. Otherwise….

Biohazard! – Thriller – Difficulty: Medium
Everything is out to get you in this room.  Everything could infect you.  You’re already in quarantine, trying to prove you aren’t infected… but will the doctors believe you? Or will you catch the virus regardless?

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