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Famous Famiglia Pizzeria at the Palms

Famous Famiglia Pizzeria at Palms

Famous Famiglia Pizzeria

Famous Famiglia Pizzeria is the perfect place to take care of your craving for pizza, or any other go-to food. It’s at the West End of the Palms and the trip will be well worth it. Visit for a quick bite that lets you get back to the fun. Get a whole pie for around $15-20, or a slice for $5. They also have garlic knots and strombolis, as well as calzones! So whatever you’re in the mood for, it’s here. It’s a great value for the money, and the staff are always helpful and courteous and ready to help you get your nom nom on. The pizza is crispy and thin and the slices are huge! Also available are sandwiches, like the meatball sandwiches that are toasted and hot!

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