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Find a Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour Experience

Grand Canyon Picnic

If you’re in Las Vegas be sure to book a Grand Canyon helicopter tour experience. Not only will you enjoy the amazing views, but you can’t beat this full day of outdoor fun.

Some people think that a helicopter tour is just a quick ride in a copter that ends almost at soon as it begins. The reality though is that helicopter tour operators work hard to build complete experiences for you.

What to Look for in a Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour Experience

When you’re looking for a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon be sure that you find ones that offer full guided tours. A knowledgeable trip can give you some insight into the canyon, how it was formed and the current conditions. They also will take you through the area, including the Hoover Dam. Understanding the history of the Hoover Dam is an added bonus to make your informative trip that much more value-ridden.

Your tour also should include a visit with the Havasupai people, a tribe that has lived in the area for more than 800 years. The best tours offer some time at their reservation so you can truly experience the indigenous people of the area. This is the best way to understand how the land has developed throughout the past few centuries. Tribe members are full of historical and culture knowledge that they are more that happy to share with visitors.

Most of the best tours of the Grand Canyon also offer a lunch stop. Look for tours that include a lunch because your tour of the canyon is likely going to take you a full-day. Plus, stopping in the canyon for lunch at the Havasupai reservation is a way to see how Native Americans live.

Don’t settle for just any Grand Canyon helicopter tour! Make sure that you look around and find ones that offer the best full experience. If you do, you’ll love your trip to the Canyon and appreciate the full experience.

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