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What a First-time Visitor to Las Vegas Should Know

first-time visitor to las vegas

Congratulations, you’re a first-time visitor to Las Vegas at long last! You’re about to enjoy what about 41 million visitors to the neon-laden paradise experience—fabulous shows, unforgettable restaurants, an abundance of attractions and shopping with lots of options for every budget.

Here’s a highlight of what you should know as a first time visitor:

1. Distances Are Actually Farther Than They Appear

Don’t try to walk from the Bellagio to MGM Grand, it may not look so far, but it is. The Strip is about four miles long and since the buildings are so close, they appear closer to the eye. However, a two building stroll from Bally’s to Planet Hollywood can be slightly manageable, but any additional distance will require you to wear your walking shoes.

2. Don’t Purchase Drinks in the Casino

When you go to play slots, table games, or video poker, don’t buy cocktails at a casino bar in advance—wait until you’re approached by the cocktail waitress. In a bid to keep you gambling, casinos offer free cocktails. Yes you may wait a little bit longer for it, but this can save you money. If you’re going to the club later, start your drinking right there on the casino floor to save money too. Better to start early

3. Carry Water, a Light Jacket, and Sunscreen Everywhere

This may sound silly, but during summer, you’ll need to carry a wrap or light jacket with you—it might be scorching outside, but most casinos overcompensate by using the AC and when inside, you will be chilled to your bones.

Also, you never want to be outside without some water and sunscreen. Due to the task of walking on the Strip and occasional extreme weather conditions, you can easily get dehydrated on a short excursion—so keep yourself hydrated with bottled water always.

4. Plan Your Attack

Just like with any new travel adventure you’ll enjoy your Vegas vacation more if you have familiarized yourself with your environments first. After check in, take a short walk around your casino and hotel, and study where the restaurants, vending machines, restrooms with the seating areas are.

After resting, you can tackle The Strip—at times seeing the sights can be overwhelming in itself. So why not get an insider’s knowledge on its buildings, as well as the history of the city? You can jump on a Big Bus to enjoy a detailed tour of the metropolis.

5. Take Gambling Lessons

Do you feel intimidated by blackjack, poker, baccarat or other table games? Try the free gambling lessons which are hosted by casinos in Vegas. You’ll gain a primer on both the rules of the game and crucial things like dealer-speak and where to sit during a game.

6. Ride-share

Ride-sharing is an inexpensive way to tour the city. Try it sometimes; it just may help you socialize quickly.

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