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5 Reasons to Take a Helicopter Ride of Red Rock Canyon

Helicopter Ride of Red Rock Canyon

5 Reasons to Take a Helicopter Ride of Red Rock Canyon

Whether you’re a Vegas local or just passing through, Red Rock Canyon is a must-see. Home to thousands of plants and animals, Red Rock National Conservation Area features enormous sandstone peaks, drawing millions of tourists every year. At 197,000 acres wide, there’s no way to see it all in one day, and none of it should be missed. Instead,book a Las Vegas helicopter tour of Red Rock!

Here are five reasons to take a helicopter ride of Red Rock Canyon:

  1. Avoid the Crowds
  2. Red Rock Canyon is one of Las Vegas’ hottest spots, boasting over 2 million visitors each year. Skip the shoulder-bumping, and take it all in from the sky.

  1. Get a Bird’s Eye View
  2. While Red Rock is stunning from every angle, there’s nothing like getting a bird’s eye view of everything all at once. You’ll be able to see all the different red hues of the La Madre Mountain and the Calico Hills, and the colorful desert floor!

  1. Exploring Nature for Non-nature Folks
  2. If the prospect of a desert hike in 100 degree heat doesn’t sound enticing, taking a helicopter tour of Red Rock is a great way to get your nature in, without getting out into nature.

  1. Save Time
  2. Hiking, or even driving through Red Rock Canyon is a day-long event. If you’re in a time crunch, or want to get back to partying, a helicopter tour out of Las Vegas might be right up your alley, as many last no more than 3 hours.

  1. Family-friendly
  2. Helicopter tours are kid friendly, so bring the whole family! No Las Vegas vacation experience is complete without a helicopter ride over the majestic Red Rock Canyon.

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