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Where to Get a Hot Dog in Las Vegas on National Hot Dog Day!

It’s National Hot Dog Day! If 4th of July didn’t satisfy your cravings, check out these awesome, unique Las Vegas hot dog places where you can get everything from a traditional $1 dog to a gourmet feast.

Hot Dogs All Around

Buldoig in Summerlin

At Buldoig, you’ll find Korean inspired hot dogs, like the Angry Kimchi (with a spicy pork dog, homemade kimchi, jalapeno, and spicy aioli) or the Banh Mi (with bacon, banh mi slaw, herbs, and sriracha aioli). You can also get a veggie dog, and a range of gourmet fries and house specials, such as the mac and cheese bacon quesadilla.

Cheffini’s in Downtown LV

At Cheffini’s, you can get anything from a Naked Frank, with little more than two toppings/sauces, all the way to The Grandfather, which features pork belly, red bell peppers, caramelized onions, crushed potato chips, spicy mayo, basil aioli, pickle mango, and a fried quail egg. Despite the name, this is NOT your granddad’s bbq. Unless your granddad’s the superman of franks.

Doghaus on Paradise

Doghaus brings a bit of California to the Valley, with items like Sooo Cali, topped with wild arugula, spice basil aioli, crispy onion, avocado, and tomato.  You can also sub any item with a veggie dog! Doghaus also features burgers, sliders, desserts, and sausage dogs like the Pig Lebowski, with polish kielbasa, haus slaw, bbq sauce, and fries.

The Steamie Weenie in Henderson

Take a walk on the wild, weird side at The Steamie Weenie, where you can get peanut butter – yes, peanut butter – on your dog.  Try to PBB&JJ, a bacon wrapped Nathan’s frank with peanut butter and jalapeno jelly.  You can also create your own dog, choosing from a range of meats and toppings.

Papaya King on The Strip

With the only location outside of New York, Vegas has not one but two Papaya Kings! Get a number of classic combos, or go crazy with items like Pig N Da Blanket, with bacon, sauteed peppers, onions, and cheddar cheese sauce, or the Hula Hula, with jalapenos, pineapple, sweet peppers, onions, and pepper flakes.

Pink’s Hot Dogs on The Strip

Pink’s Hot Dogs is famous for a reason – a delicious reason. Go classic with a Brooklyn Pastrami Swiss Cheese Dog, or weird it up with a Pastrami Burrito, a flour tortilla wrapped around 2 dogs, pastrami, swiss, chili, and onions. They also have a veggie dog, and a range of burgers and sides to choose from.

Nathan’s on The Strip

If all these odd toppings are freaking you out, and you just want a dog, darn it!, you want Nathan’s. Classic hot dogs, fries, and burgers are at your fingertips.  No muss. No fuss, no seaweed.  Just beef, bun, and the usual toppings. Check it out at New York New York!

American Coney Island in Downtown LV

A bit of a misnomer, American Coney Island doesn’t hail from New York, but rather Detroit. Another staple for classics, you can also get burgers, fries, and even donuts at this Michianesque hot dog palace..

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