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Jennifer Lopez: All I Have

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Jennifer Lopez Show

Jennifer Lopez: All I Have

If you are in search of the best show in Las Vegas to take your special someone to during your trip to Sin City, look no further than Jennifer Lopez: All I Have. Having risen to fame during the 1990s as a multi-talented singer and actress, Lopez continues to entertain audiences from all over the world with her new Las Vegas show that offers a unique mix of dancing and Hollywood glamour.

Times and Location

Location: Axis Theater, Planet Hollywood
Show Length:90 minutes


Jennifer’s career has been full of pop smashes and with songs like “Waiting For Tonight,” “If You Had My Love,” and “Jenny From The Block”. She has made a name for herself as a consistent hit maker in the music industry.

She is the first entertainer to ever have a #1 album and #1 film in the same week. Lopez balances her down to earth nature with an incendiary sex appeal that will make your jaw drop!

The international megastar had a meteoric rise to prominence and she has become a red hot icon. Best of all, she still puts out chart topping hits to this day. This show is about more than her sexy and explosive dance mumbers, though.

Lopez lets her audiences in by providing several raw and personal moments that make her even easier to relate to. She balances her image of one of the world’s sexiest women with a girl next door appeal.

Fans are kept on the edge of their seats throughout the performance and this is a once in a lifetime experience that you simply won’t want to miss out on.

Her rock star persona, expert dance moves and Latin American heritage all together each night on stage, offering audience members with the chance to enjoy the spectacle for themselves. J. Lo has crafted a show that is perfectly designed for Las Vegas and you may need to book a second visit just to take all of it in!

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