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Fun-Filled Las Vegas Activities & Places to Visit in Sin City

Bellagio Fountains

Fun-Filled Las Vegas Activities & Places to Visit in Sin City

Apart from the beauty of the city, there are a lot of fun-filled Las Vegas activities to entertain. And since times flies when you are having fun, spending a week in the city can feel like just three days. To help you decide on what to do, we’ve picked a few of our favorite activities to share.

Visit Gun Ranges

One of them is gun ranges. Las Vegas has several gun ranges where guests can feel what it is like to shoot different kinds of guns. Each range in Las Vegas offers a wide variety of guns to choose from. They also have highly dedicated staffs that are very eager to be of service to visitors. So guests that are gun enthusiasts can get first-hand experience, which is much different than any video game version.

Visit The Strip

Flying over or walking along the Strip is an experience on its own. Day or night, The Strip offers a whole lot of entertainment palaces to visit.

There are wonderful hotels and great international restaurants. And, the city lights are awesome to see at night. Every part of the city is illuminated and beautified with glittering neon signs. You also won’t want to miss the wonders of dancing fountains and all other forms of street side entertainment.

Visit Fremont Street

Fremont Street is for pedestrians only and as such you can expect to fully immersive experience. The street offers a lot of unique sites and scenes during the day and at night. Plus, LED light shows on the canopy above and easy access to downtown hotels, casinos, bars and other entertainment venues make it well-worth a visit. You can also get a birds-eye view by ziplining from one end to the other.

Visit the Bellagio Resort

Bellagio is judged as being among the best resorts in the city that includes an AAA 5-star rated hotel. Multiple attraction like the dancing fountains out front and the Botanical Garden and Art Gallery just add to the resort’s grandeur.

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