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Las Vegas Museums Are Quirky, Cool and a Whole Lot of Fun

Neon Museum & Boneyard | Las Vegas Museums

Two Las Vegas Museums that Are Quirky, Cool and Fun

Las Vegas holds a lot of treasures! Just ask any of the people that have lived here for many years. They can tell you it’s one of the greatest cities in the whole U.S.A. And a lot of people who visit Las Vegas will find themselves caught up in it’s chaotic, glamorous offerings. For those who seek something cool and low-key to experience, visiting Las Vegas museums may be right up your alley. Two of the best in this city are the Neon Museum and the Mob Museum.

Las Vegas Neon Museum

A personal favorite, the Neon Museum is open in the early nights, and can be a great start to a night out. Here lies a lot of abandoned and retired neon signs, and it’s a beautiful sight to see, even comparing to all of the working neon signs that light up the Las Vegas Strip each and every night. This museum was shown on a prior season of The Bachelor, given it a bit of glamour against the bright and lit up museum. Be ready to go once the sun starts to set to fully envelope the neon nature of the museum.

Mob Museum in Las Vegas

Another museum this city has that allows day attendees is the Mob Museum. This museum follows the lifestyle of organized crime. It also pinpoints times in history and people that made this lifestyle a reality. Interesting with a little bit of danger, the Mob Museum is exactly what Las Vegas stands for: quirky, yet cool and a whole lot of fun.

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