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Las Vegas Springs Preserve is a Quiet Retreat in the Desert

Springs Preserve

If you’re in a mood for a quiet retreat full of greenery and aroma of flowers and foliage, you might wonder where to go! But the desert is full of green places! One such place is Las Vegas Springs Preserve, one of the top things to do in Las Vegas!

The Springs Preserve is standing on 180 acres and is full of nature walks and eye-soothing plant exhibitions. Located 3 miles west from Las Vegas downtown, engineers created the Preserve around the city’s original water source.

You will be amazed with the array of displays. These include colorful desert plants, gardens, museums, and concert and event venues. There’s also a photo gallery, an indoor theater and a lot of pleasant walking trails!

Springs Preserve Displays

Some of the displays include:

Origen Experience: This contains a trio of interactive exhibitions, each full of stories of Las Vegas Valley – a beautiful experience of the past-to-present developments.

Nevada State Museum: This is one of the 6 Nevada State Museums of tourism and culture.

Springs Preserve Amphitheater: This is a unique outdoor venue in the city surrounded by gardens and museums giving you an utmost pleasant experience.

Nature Exchange: This is the best attraction especially for children. But adults too can take part in it and enjoy thoroughly. It offers trade of natural objects and their information. The winning trader gets points based on size and rarity of the item traded.

Desert Living Center: You will find an array of interactive galleries, a lab and more here.

Trails: If you are a nature-lover, the trails in the Springs Reserve are for you! There are four themed trails, covering more than 2 miles and you will be amazed with the scenic landscapes.

Experience the nature’s beauty right here in Las Vegas with us and you will have something different and beautiful to tell your friends than casinos and nightclubs!

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