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Whisky Tasting Is a Thing to Do in Las Vegas

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When you think of Napa, California thoughts of wine tastings instantly come to mind. But when you think of Las Vegas, do you instantly think – whisky tastings? If not, you’re in for a treat! Yes, whisky tasting is a thing to do in Las Vegas. So take a break from the usual casino atmosphere and work in a visit to the Whisky Attic.

Whisky Tastings at Whisky Attic in Las Vegas

The Whisky Attic is just 5 minutes from The Strip and only a few blocks away from the Palms Hotel.  Here  you can taste 10 types of high quality international and regional whiskies all while seated in a luxurious setting.

What’s more, Sir Adam Carmer, a well-known spirit expert, will help you find which flavors suit your specific senses and individual tastes. Once you get your particular perfect whiskies for you, Sir Adam will present an array of flavors to taste. These flavors are catered specifically to the tasting choices of your group.

You will also learn to make use of a great tasting method, created to sharpen particular attributes and get more and more educated and informed on your own favorite tastes. The rich info provided includes the history of tasting from the perception of senses, the most advanced tasting technique developed ever, the new C:STEM technique, and a lot more! This is enough for you to become a whisky expert and lover for the rest of your life.

Have Whisky, Will Travel

While you should definitely enjoy this unique whisky tasting experience responsibly at the Whisky Attic, you can also request them for private events, whether they be on tour buses or anywhere else in the world. They also offer private consultations.

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