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Things to Do in Las Vegas: Dig This


Dig This – Fun for Kids & Adults

We all wish to experience childhood again. The times when life was simpler when fun was more than getting an iPhone 7. And since a time machine is not really an option, Dig This turns your fun sandbox days into a reality.

Dif This is ideal for the big children at heart (fourteen years and older). The attraction lets you have the chance to operate a hi-tech 315CL hydraulic excavator or “Caterpillar” D-5 track-type excavator. If you decide to take on the excavator, you will get to dig trenches, or ride over tall mounds or even push gigantic boulders.

As well as pushing boulders, with this excavator, you will have the opportunity to lift about 2,000-pound tires. Then you will heap them up into a simple pyramid formation. In addition to all these activities, you will have the opportunity to take some basketballs one after another and place them onto cones. Whether you pick the bulldozer or excavator ride, both tasks are fun and challenging. With five acres of one super-sized sand box, you will definitely have enough room to test your skills.

Safety First at Dig This in Las Vegas

After a short safety and equipment orientation, you will be given a vest, hard hat, and radio. Then you’ll immediately climb aboard and begin to operate a bulldozer or excavator. Don’t be overwhelmed by all the gears and switches. Even the most cowardly driver will gain some confidence with an experienced instructor by his/her side talking them step-by-step through the radio. During the warm summer months, the machinery provides air conditioning.

Once you have completed your fun/work, you’ll be awarded a personalized certificate to show completion of your duties. If you also want to take some pieces of this experience home, Dig This offers hats, apparel, accessories as well as excavators and toy bulldozers for sale.

Owner Ed Mumm developed the idea while operating heavy equipment to build his home. Digging holes, clearing trees, constructing a trail and much more inspired him to start up an attraction that lets people have the same kind of fun.

You can now finally recreate all your childhood dreams with a supersized excavator and field, at Dig This in Las Vegas..

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