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Mac King Las Vegas Comedy Magic Show

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Mac King Las Vegas Comedy Magic Show

Mac King Las Vegas Comedy Magic Show

Mac King does is a top-notch comedy magician. Combining two of the most sought after show experiences is pure genius. Don’t miss the chance to laugh and be amazed!

Times and Location

Location: Harrah’s Las Vegas
Show Length: Approximately 75 minutes



Mac King is the funniest magician in Las Vegas. Audiences are encouraged to come visit the city’s longest running magician. Come enjoy one of the best magic shows you’ll ever see.

Harrah’s sets the stage for his performance. The showroom, designed in the old Vegas style, offers the perfect setting for King’s self-deprecating humor.  It’s melded with spellbinding sleight of hand tricks, elevating him to the pinnacle of his field.

His endearing Southern charms only serve to add to his offbeat sense of showmanship. Audiences will be laughing and gasping in equal measure.

King loves to involve audience members in his trickery. He even gives female viewers the chance to places all of his cards in their handbags (and jokes about knocking them over to steal the purse).

Master Secrets

King’s repertoire is far from routine, as he also delivers various rope tricks, and makes Fig Newtons appear at random. He also incorporates live animals into the proceedings.

With a gold lamé cape specially designed for the occasion, he also uncorks uncanny impersonations of Elvis and Liberace. He knows how to consistently stun spectators with various unconventional tricks that defy every law of physics.

He’ll even demonstrate new usages for gravity. Best of all, he always remains within the boundaries of good taste. While he tends to offer his audiences an incompetent veneer, this is a magician that is truly great at what he does. His magician skills and people skills are both top of the line. This allows him to feature audience members in his performances on a consistent basis.

Audience Participation

Several volunteers step onto the stage every afternoon. They provide awestruck reactions to his astonishing tricks and make the show a more immersive experience for the audience. Every show is different, and every show is amazing.

If you want the chance to participate in the show, sit in one of the front rows and be as outgoing as possible. Your children will also always receive the warmest of welcomes from Mac as well.


King has been performing at Harrah’s for the past 17 years and thanks to a recent extension of his contract, he will remain on the premises through 2019. King has remained focused on finding his own unique brand of music throughout his career and spent hours honing a somewhat silly persona.

Audiences get to see King in his natural element, as he is not afraid to wear unfashionable clothes and tap into his Kentucky roots. Thanks to his incredible charisma, audiences will find themselves entertained, even when they are shaking their heads at his goofy antics.

The showroom comes with traditional chair seating at the front and spacious booths are available in the back. Every seat in the house also offers patrons an unimpeded view of the stage. King also doesn’t use technology or engineered props in his performances.

The show may seem ordinary at first, but it soon exceeds your expectations by creating circumstances you never thought possible. If you would like to spend an afternoon in the presence of a magical virtuoso, be sure to brace yourself for what is about to come next and cross your fingers that you aren’t selected to go onstage!

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