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Marriage Can Be Murder

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Marriage Can Be Murder

Marriage Can Be Murder is not your average show and when you seek an award winning Las Vegas show that offers a delightful mix of interactive comedy and a traditional murder mystery dinner experience, this is the perfect show for you.

Times and Location

Location: The D Las Vegas
Show Length:2 hours


Fans of the movie “Clue” will find a great deal of sleuthing fun to sink their teeth into at this dinner show. There are no shortage of suspects among the actors (or even the guests who are seemingly innocent).

You might be seated next to the murder suspect, but you must be patient, as only time will tell as all of the clues are revealed. Banquet tables are provided to guests and warm rolls/salad are served first. From there, you can select entrée of your choice (chicken, fish or beef) and cheesecake is offered for dessert.

DD, a blonde who alternates between being ditzy and being wise, is your hostess with the “mostest”. She will assign roles to the guests, such as the doctor or the pallbearer. The sleuths call the characters in to provide their services every time a murder takes place.

DD’s witty remarks provide a hilarious backdrop for the proceedings and she enjoys offering moments of levity. Every guest receives a game card that is referred to as a sleuth pad by DD.

Be Part of the Show

Your card offers you a place for your name and writing space. That way, you can work out the mystery and jot down any key facts about the proceedings. After the first murder has taken place, you will get to meet police lieutenant Eric Post.

Guests are interrogated and DD is consulted for some crucial background information. The banter between DD and Eric always makes audiences chuckle and the whole show is chock full of hilarious one liners. Several other wacky characters also attempt to solve the mystery.

Once the main course has been served, guests receive a short break where they have the chance to mingle with others and discuss the murders. Not only are you able to receive the names of your fellow guests, but you can also learn more about potential suspects.

Some guests choose to get out of their seats while other guests talk quietly among themselves. You can be as involved as you like (or uninvolved) and still have a wonderful time.

A Comedy Thriller

While it may seem impossible to mine humor from murder, Eric and Jayne Post (the husband/wife team who play the aforementioned lieutenant and DD,) stir up laughs with relative ease. Audiences greatly enjoy their comedic banter.

The couple launched their four dimensional theater experience over 20 years ago. Marriage Can Be Murder has enjoyed a decade of success as Las Vegas’ longest running dinner theater show.

Guests come back to see the show again and again. They enjoy watching the characters interact on stage and with the crowd. Audience members who want to be submerged in action and soak up all of the twists and turns are certainly in luck.

For a great combination of comedy and suspense that will have you guessing until well after the cheesecake is served, be sure to check out Marriage Can Be Murder. You’ll enjoy one of the most unique nights of fun that you can have in Las Vegas.

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