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Menopause the Musical

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Menopause the Musical | Las Vegas Show

Menopause the Musical

Menopause the Musical is a funny and entertaining show about the inevitable test of time. Singers and dancers groove to tunes from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Join in on the fun and you won’t regret it!

Times and Location

Location: Harrah’s Cabaret, Harrah’s
Show Length: Approximately 80 minutes


This Las Vegas show, which debuted 16 years ago, has spread well beyond Las Vegas. Since its inception, it has been performed in a whopping 40 cities and been seen in several worldwide locations.

Those who check out the Las Vegas show will have the chance to enjoy a rotating cast. It consists of eight different performers and two understudies. Each performer is well versed in the art of keeping their audience laughing. It allows them to forget about their aging related problems for the duration of the show.

The women of the show also take turns performing musical numbers (both solo and chorus) that offer additional insight on the all too real topics of Prozac, food and hot flashes. However, these ladies are adept at covering all of their bases, as they manage to toss in a few sexual remarks every now and again.

Each characters is designed to represent one of the many different outlooks on aging. These characters are based on their own life experiences and personalities and there is no topic that is considered to be taboo.

For an honest and amusing representation of what real women endure when they are in the process of menopause, come to Menopause: The Musical and find out more about why this show has become a global sensation. You can’t skip certain milestones in life and you certainly can’t skip this show!

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