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Noodles at Bellagio

Noodles at Bellagio


Noodles at The Bellagio is elegant and stylish and offers amazing food. Here you can visit Asia with its traditional soba, Udon and Pho. Test it all to get a true feeling of what the culture has to offer.

They offer dim dum, including crispy shrimp balls and sesame balls. Congee, an Asian rice pudding, is also on the menu in a variety of forms! You can get it with seafood, pork, pickles, and more. The restaurant also offers wok-fried noodle dishes, noodle soups, seafood specials, and bbq and roast specials.

Don’t forget to add dessert as well! They offer chilled lychees with almond bean curd, mango sticky rice, assorted ice creams, and more.


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