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Nunzio’s Pizzeria at Stratosphere

Nunzio's Pizzeria at Stratosphere

Nunzio’s Pizzeria

Yes, Nunzio’s offers pizza, but it is so much more. Just browse through their menu and you’ll love the options. Pasta, burgers, appetizers and of course customized pizzas are there for you to enjoy!

Located in the Stratosphere, this joint is a great place with lots of options to choose from. Have an XL slice for around $6, or grab a whole pie for around $20. They have several styles to choose from, including a meaty pizza, a veggie pizza, and plain cheese. They also have unique options like the “al-fredo” pizza with garlic cream sauce, mozz, grilled chicken, spinach, and mushrooms.

If pizza’s not the flavor of the day, try the antipasto bar, or a hot ciabatta melt sandwich. They also offer calzones, strombolis, and cold sandwiches.

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