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Planning Out Your Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

Extended Above and Below Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour (Non-Landing)

If you plan on taking a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, be sure to do a little research for the right tour. Why? Because not all tours are created equally! Some offer full experiences and others are just a few minutes in the air. Which one you choose is a decision you should make carefully to take advantage of the experience.

Time Lengths of Helicopter Tour

First, consider how much time you have for your tour. If you are limited on time, you can easily pick a short 45-minute tour. These take you from the airport in Tusayan, Arizona and over the Grand Canyon. You won’t make stops, but for the time you have, this is a great option.

If you have more time, you can get a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon that spans for an entire afternoon. These include a trip over the canyon and the Hoover Dam. They also include a visit to the Skydeck where you can stand high above the canyon on a glass floor. They also include lunch and a visit to the indigenous people of the area.

Types of Helicopter Tour

Second, be sure to consider the purpose of the tour. Are you looking for a fun hour-long activity? Or, are you looking for a full afternoon experience? This may dictate the type of tour you choose.

Finally, also be sure that when you’re looking for a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, you consider who is going. There are tours that are meant for romance with your significant other, and other tours that are geared for children with educational information.

Thanks to competition, you can find many options that are highly affordable. Be sure to check around, decide on what you want with the experience and then enjoy!

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