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Pop Up Pizza at the Plaza

Pop Up Pizza at Plaza

Pop Up Pizza

Pop Up Pizza at the Plaza is the perfect place to not only order your pizza, but have it delivered right to your hotel. It comes sizzling hot and delicious. They have a variety of options and specials to pick from. You can even order online! It’s perfect if you want a night in, without having dress up or even put pants on!

Grab a delicious crispy pepperoni, or create your own pie with all the toppings you love! Order a side of NY buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, or garlic knots. Chow down on fried pickles, or grab a chicken tenders basket.

Order a cream onion, spinach, and mushroom pizza off their menu, or indulge in a Suprema. It’s got spicy Italian sausage, spicy capicola, pepperoni, and roasted mushrooms and peppers. They also have a vegan pizza with vegan mozzarella, spinach, mushrooms, artichoke, and roasted bell peppers.

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