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Raiding The Rock Vault

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Raiding The Rock Vault Shows

Raiding The Rock Vault

Raiding The Rock Vault offers you the chance to ditch the passe basement guitarists and untalented karaoke wannabees. Nothing is below average there. Instead, enjoy fantastic music and covers of true legends of rock!

Times and Location

Location: Vinyl, Hard Rock Hotel
Show Length:90 minutes


Raiding the Rock Vault’s cast knows how important it is to live up to the legacy that the true legends provided. They will play your favorite standards in a way that only the realest of rockers can, because…..spoiler alert: they are real rockers!

We all had that annoying roommate in college who would try to sing along with “Living on a Prayer” before his voice began to start cracking. However, there is zero risk of events like this taking place when you check out Raiding the Rock Vault.

Andrew Freeman (known for his work with The Offspring and Lynch Mob) and Paul Shortino (formerly of Quiet Riot) offer you the sort of powerful and gutsy performances that you would expect from true professionals. Whitesnake’s Doug Aldrich and Robin McAuley (from Survivor and MSG) harmonize their way through a whopping three decades worth of hits.

Artists as disparate as Jimi Hendrix, Led Zepplin, Deep Purple and Queen are all represented here, as all audiences are catered to. Lily Arce and Cian Coey of (Meatloaf) are also an integral part of the show and serve to round out the performance.

When you want to hear the greatest music in American history and receive a timely reminder of the sounds you grew up on, come to a place where the real music never dies. When you are in need of new things to do in Las Vegas, it is time to rock out and enjoy the classics at Raiding the Rock Vault.

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