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SEA – The Thai Experience at Bally’s Las Vegas

SEA - The Thai Experience at Bally's Las Vegas

SEA at Bally’s Las Vegas

Located at Bally’s, SEA is a culinary masterpiece with its seafood-based menu. If you love fresh fish, and Asian-inspired delicacies, then this is the perfect place for you. Visit and you’ll love the huge selection of options they offer!

Start with the 4 Season Roll, or the Crispy Ginger Calamari. Don’t forget to check out the fish of the day or the lobster tail. You can get either prepared with garlic sauce, spicy tamarind, mano, or chu chee curry sauce.

They also offer a variety of dishes that can be prepared vegetarian or vegan. For example, try the Black Noodle (Pad See Eiw) with Chinese broccoli.

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