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Secret Pizza at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Secret Pizza at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Secret Pizza

They call it Secret Pizza, because it literally has no name or sign. It exists down a hideaway hallway on the third floor. This is an overall cool place! You can come in and enjoy the delicious hand-tossed pizza options. They are open for lunch and well into the night. After a long-evening of fun at the casino, this is the perfect place to close off the night. Ya know, if you can find it!

Located at The Cosmopolitan, this secret joint is well worth the line, and the hype. Their menu isn’t expansive, but what they do they do right. Grab a slice of cheese or add your toppings (though these can get pricey fast). If you’ve got company, take out a whole pie, of regular cheese, three toppings, five toppings, or white with ricotta and mozzarella.

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