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Grand Canyon Helicopter Flight With Rafting – No Landing

Prices from $475

This low level flight was created for those that want a close up view of the Grand Canyon. Get as close as possible to Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon’s West Rim for the best views and photo’s.

Capture rare images of the Black Mountains, a dormant volcano. Descend roughly 4,000 feet and land on the floor of the canyon at the Hualapai Indian Reservation, which is also the only spot we’re permitted land. Enjoy a light snack and champagne on the banks of the mighty Colorado River.

Times and Location

Tour Times: 6:30 AM
Tour Length: Approximately 11 hours
Departing: Las Vegas
Destination: Grand Canyon



Take a relaxing ride in a luxurious motor coach from your Las Vegas hotel. It takes you to your helicopter tour at the western rim of the Grand Canyon. You’ll also have the chance to enjoy a delicious lunch while you absorb all of the lovely sights.


There are no shortage of wonderful photo opportunities for you to enjoy as you cruise through the 900 year old Joshua tree forest. This dense forest stretches for miles and miles and offers a true visual feast.


Your drive takes you past the incredible engineering feat known as the Hoover Dam, which stands 726 feet high and 1,244 feet long. Over 3 million cubic feet of concrete were needed to finish this amazing project.


You will land inside the Grand Canyon at the Colorado River bank where you can catch a glimpse of the canyon from the mighty, rushing waters. Be sure to take a moment or two to marvel at its astonishing grandeur as you stand 4,000 feet below the canyon’s rim.


Follow the mighty Colorado’s winding river path all the way into the Grand Canyon. The river flows at an impressive rate of 800 million gallons of water per hour and is over 1,400 miles long.


Take a river boat cruise down the mighty Colorado and give yourself the chance to experience the Grand Canyon’s grandeur from a perspective that you may not have previously considered. Smoothly glide past its monolithic sandstone cliffs and take a much closer look at the towering walls of the canyon.


This Native American village is ripe for exploring and you can also peer over the Grand Canyon’s rim. While you are here you will also have the chance to meet Hualapai Tribe members and learn more about their amazing history and customs as residents of the Grand Canyon.


Guano Point allows you to enjoy a series of breathtaking panoramic views of the Grand Canyon and Colorado River. The views are 360 degrees, and you can see for miles.  There’s also the remains of an old 8,800 foot tram line that stretched to the guano mine.  Don’t forget to take some time at the Hualapai Market, where you’ll find Native American jewelry and crafts.


Enjoy some good old fashioned western hospitality, wagon rides and assorted forms of cowboy entertainment. If you have ever dreamed of learning more about how to survive in the old west, you can enhance your skills at Hualapai Ranch.


When it is time to head back, you will board a relaxing motor coach for an easygoing, carefree return to Las Vegas as you laugh and converse about the lifelong memories you’ve just created. There are also a wide range of Las Vegas hotel drop off areas available upon return.

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