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STK at Cosmopolitan | Las Vegas Steakhouse & Bar

STK at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

STK at Cosmopolitan

STK is a top-notch steakhouse but in no way is it traditional. That’s why they are able to offer some of the most delicious and unique presentations of seafood available. You’ll love the food but you can also enjoy the in-house DJ and cocktails!

Located in the Cosmopolitan, this steakhouse is a hotbed for celebrity sightings. We understand why, when the atmosphere is so chic and the food is so delicious. They feature signature dishes such as day boat scallops, dry scallops served with pancetta braised kale, potato cream, and Osetra caviar. They also have a dish called Lil BRGs, that comes with two all-Wagyu beef patties, housemade Japanese pickles, and can be “supersized” with your choice of black truffles, foie gras, or both.

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