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Stripper 101

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Stripper 101 - Learn to Pole Dance in Las Vegas

Stripper 101 – Learn to Pole Dance in Las Vegas

Learn how to do some of the sexiest moves while having a blast! Stripper 101 inside Planet Hollywood is a fun and upbeat pole dancing class taught by professionals. Whether you’re planning a night out with the girls, or trying to get down and dirty for a bachelorette party, Stripper 101 has everything you’re looking for. Must be 18+ to participate.

Times and Location

Location: V Theater, Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood
Show Length: Approximately 75 minutes


The class takes place at Planet Hollywood (and is available to women only.) Students learn all the tricks of the trade in an environment that encourages good, clean fun.

Before heading to the Planet Hollywood studio, I was very apprehensive. I didn’t know what to wear, I didn’t know if I had the proper flexibility and I even found myself second guessing the size of my breasts.

However, all of that is moot here. Be sure to wear something comfortable that also allows you to feel sexy. High heels are recommended, unless you would rather stand on your tiptoes. Hang ups must be left at home and all body types are embraced here.

Can you believe that one woman even decided to bring her grandmother?! Many of the women in my class attended in sizable groups. This is a great class for women who wish to celebrate a birthday or an upcoming wedding.

Would be strippers were able to meet at the adjoining bar before entering the studio and enjoy a shot (or two) to lower our inhibitions. This is not a true class for those who want to shake it for dollar bills, so it is important to remain loose and relaxed throughout.

Stripper apprentices were given wonderful guidance and we learned an entire lap dance routine, as a working stripper took us through each step.

You will learn all of the rules of the strip club and how to apply them in your romantic affairs. When you are dancing for your man, guess what? He is not allowed to touch you, since you are the one in control.

Learn how to swing your hair and shake what your momma gave you. Maybe your man just so happens to be one of the more generous types. If so, you can find out more about how to encourage him to slide a bill (or three) into your bra (if you’re still wearing it, that is).

After the lap dance lessons concluded, it was time to master the stripper pole. Each woman enjoyed their pick of a pole on the day I attended. I had the chance to hop from pole to pole, depending on the mirror angle I found most desirable. My newfound skill came in handy, as my instructor showed me how to wrap my legs around the pole and spin around in circles.

She was very patient with us and taught us exactly how to use the pole to gain momentum. We were quick studies when it came to the strutting process, as this allows strippers to catch their breath and remain sexy. If you’re anything like me, you will leave this class convinced that you require your own stripper pole. All bruises aside, this class lets you put on the show of a lifetime for the special guy in your life.

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