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Tenors Of Rock

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Tenors Of Rock Shows

Tenors Of Rock

It is for the triple threat tenors to take a seat and move on over. As for the Fab Four Basses? You guys are definitely free to go as well. Now that the fatal five tenors have arrived, the aforementioned acts find themselves almost completely obsolete.

Times and Location

Location: Main Showroom, Harrah’s
Show Length:75-90 minutes


They are also known to many as the Tenors of Rock and these tenors provide rock aficionados who seek things to do in Las Vegas with an unbelievable that even the rock gods would find it difficult not to approve of.

The group competed on The X Factor’s United Kingdom edition and they know exactly how to provide you with the type of rock and roll experience that will have you running out to buy your own diamond studded choker and a pair of leather pants to go with it.

This show also caters to all of the rock and roll groupies out there and if you consider yourself to be a skilled karaoke singer, you will have the chance to sing your face clean off to all of your favorite rock and roll classics.

There are various blasts from the past, as the Tenors of Rock offer performance of several classic songs, such as “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” “Whole Lotta Love” and “Living on a Prayer”.

During your next trip to Sin City, why not head to Harrah’s and allow this group to seduce you with the British charms that have made them a Las Vegas sensation? This is one of the best shows that you will have the chance to see during your trip to the city of lights and if you pass up this opportunity, you are going to end up kicking yourself for years to come….so why wait?

Ensure your seat for this incredible experience as soon as possible and come experience a show that you will be telling all of your friends and family members about.

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