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The Mountain at Wynn Las Vegas

The mountain Wynn Las Vegas

The Mountain is Cool, Green & Serene

Las Vegas is a desert, but it has no scarcity of man-made greenery. The mountain at Wynn Las Vegas is therefore one of the top things to see in Las Vegas. It can soothe your eyes and cool down your senses!

Located at the main entrance of the luxury Las Vegas Resort, Wynn Las Vegas, this gigantic artificial mountain is worth $130 millions. It is around 7-stories high and is studded with over 450 hand-picked plants. The mountain stands at 140 ft. high in the air. It is also home to a 65 ft. tall tree that weighs equal to a couple of cement trucks! A lovely 40-ft. waterfall cascades down from it’s peek into the Wynn Lake of Dreams, which spans across 3 acres.

Trees, Water & Lights Divinely Fused Together

A variety of trees grow on the mountain which include Augustan, Pistachio, Purple Leaf Plum, Pine and more. There is a spiral staircase that takes you up through the treeline so that you can enjoy the fantastic architecture and wonderful fusion of water and lights from above. It’s a divinely engineered place that will make you feel as if you have traveled far away from the bustling Las Vegas Strip.

You can view the artificial lush mountain even from The Strip; but from the outside you can see only a small hill covered with greenery. There are also numerous vantage points inside the hotel Wynn Las Vegas from where you enjoy the scenic splendor of the mountain.

Dinner & Drinks Lakeside

Another way to enjoy the serene beauty of the mountain is by eating a delicious evening meal on one of the SW Steakhouse terraces or Lakeside. Or, you may prefer to take a moment to sip a cocktail at Parasol Down, while watching the lake come alive slowly in bright colors with over 4,000 lights as well as holographic images, accompanied by mind-blowing music.

No matter how you see or experience it, you will have an unforgettable experience of coolness, peace and greenery, at the mountain located in Wynn Las Vegas!

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