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Things To Do On Lake Mead NRA

Things to Do on Lake Mead NRA

Things to Do On Lake Mead NRA

The Lake Mead National Recreation Area is known for sharp craggy mountains, desert basins, surreal scenery, and deep canyons. It’s also under an hour’s drive away from Las Vegas. There are lots of activities to engage in on Lake Mead. It is a calm and beautiful place to hike, kayak, bike, camp, water ski, and fish. You can also go for sightseeing tours, swimming, scuba diving and more.

Lake Mead is 110 miles in size with surrounding campgrounds, marinas, and beaches. Here are some of the fun things you can do at this recreational area in Southern Nevada:

Lake Mead Dinner Cruise, Las Vegas

Spend an exciting evening on Lake Mead while dining on a Mississippi River-style paddle-wheel steamboat. During the cruise, you can look over the beautiful landscape surrounding Lake Mead and admire the Hoover Dam.

Las Vegas ATV Tour

Spend a better part of your day riding through the Lake Mead NRA by taking an ATV sightseeing tour and learning about the history of the lake.

Hoover Dam Tour

Spend a day on the mighty Hoover Dam, surrounded by the beautiful crayon and nature’s beauty. You can also explore inside of the dam, view the 655 foot-long and walk through a 250-foot-long tunnel.

Lake Mead Jet Ski Experience

Explore some of the wonders of Lake Mead on a jet ski such as colorful bluffs and beaches all while soaking in the desert sunshine.

Railroad Trail

Find yourself in wonder as you walk or bike along the 8-mile trail that was once used to transport materials during the construction of the Hoover Dam.

Lake Mead Stand-up Paddle Boarding Lesson

Experience a stand-up paddle boarding lesson in a half-day adventure on Lake Mead outside of Las Vegas. Learn to steer, balance, and edge forward on your paddle board in calm, warm water with tips from your instructor. This placid lake is the perfect location for paddle boarding, irrespective of your experience level.

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