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Top 5 Things To Do In Las Vegas On Your Birthday

Birthday in Las Vegas

There is nothing quite like celebrating your birthday in Las Vegas and that’s a fact. There are even restaurants that give you free perks if it’s your birthday. How cool is that?

So what are these top 5 things to do in Las Vegas on your birthday? Read on.

#5 Enjoy a Free Breakfast

In order to enjoy this perk you first need to sign up to several restaurants in the city ahead of time. Sign up is usually done via the restaurant’s Facebook page, their Twitter handle or their website. Then all you have to do is sit back and watch as the freebies are sent to your email.

Tip: Restaurants that give this perk include IHOP, Fuddruckers and Mimi’s Café.

#4 Visit the Golden Tiki – and Mention That It’s Your Birthday

You will find The Golden Tiki in Chinatown. If you ask around you will find it. The Golden Tiki is a combination of cocktail bars and lounges. Mentioning that it’s your birthday can get you a free tiki drink as well a potential Dole Whip! Apart from the cool freebies, it’s also a nice place to just relax and enjoy the myriad of shows at hand such as fire breathing mermaids and the various bands that play there.

#3 J Karaoke Bar

If you and your friends simply want to kick back and have some fun, then the J Karaoke Bar is the place to head out to. If you are in Chinatown then you are already there. The best part is after you have all had a few drinks, you can crank up the music and dance the night away. Thanks to the karaoke stations at your disposal, you and your mates can bellow out some old classics and pretend to be the greats as you sing your hearts out. Ahh, the joys of celebrating one’s birthday in Las Vegas.

#2 Enjoy Yourself at a Few Classy Clubs

While saying classy and club in the same sentence sounds redundant the truth is there are actually are a few clubs that are pretty decent in Las Vegas despite contrary belief. If you have a few dollars to spare it might be worth visiting the high-end clubs to have a feel of how the other half of the world, i.e. the rich like to spend their evenings when they go clubbing. If you would rather opt for the cheaper alternatives then you can still find great places to hang out such as STK Las Vegas. You can also grab dinner while you’re at STK Las Vegas.

#1 Grab a Beer at the Carnaval Court Bar & Grill

Not only are the bartenders at the Carnaval Court bar & grill superb at what they do, but it’s like they are putting on a live show just for you. Their customer service is stellar and it’s well worth spending the few extra dollars to be in this great environment.

Well, these are the top 5 things to do in Las Vegas on your birthday.

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