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Valley of Fire Tours – Sunrise or Sunset! – Las Vegas Activities

Valley of Fire State Park

Valley of Fire Tours – Sunrise or Sunset! – Las Vegas Activities

Brightly Red at Sunset or Sunrise

If there is any place in Southern Nevada that the people are most proud of, it is the Valley of Fire State Park. Just as The Strip appears to be at night, this place is spectacular during the day. It is a popular place in the US that most people have seen a dozen times (i.e. in the movies).

The name “Valley of Fire” was derived from red sandstone formations that developed from enormous, transforming sand dunes that occurred about 150 million years ago, during the age of dinosaurs. These features appeared brightly red at sunset or sunrise. In fact, they seemed to be almost “on fires.”

Apart from being the first state park, the Valley of Fire is the largest of all state parks in Nevada. Get a chance to learn about its amazing geology, ecology, and history by driving through the Mojave Desert. An adventure to the Valley of Fire does not come without some jaw-dropping views of the winding canyon walls and White Dome.

Book a Tour to See Amazingly Colored Rock Formation that Appear Lit by Fire

Both movie directors and photographers alike have found its vivid red formations to be irresistibly amazing. No wonder it has risen to become one of the nation’s most captivating backdrops for numerous TV commercials and films. Countless sci-fi flicks have even gone ahead to double the spectacular red rocks of Valley of Fire for Mars.

Anyone who is interested in visiting this place can see much of its beauty from a car, a bus or a helicopter. No doubt, Valley of Fire adventures run the gamut, as far as tours are concerned. This amazing destination knows just how to present the drama to any visitor driving or hiking their way through.

Booking a Valley of Fire tour creates an opportunity to see things commonly shown in movies – the rock formations at White Dome, winding canyon walls, The Cabins, Rainbow Vista etc. – in real life this time. The incredible sandstone rock formation aptly named Elephant Rock is a uniquely befitting place to snap a picture. While enjoying the sight of fascination exhibits around the Visitor Center, don’t forget to pick up a souvenir at the gift shop for friends and family at home.

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