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VIP Mobsters and Machine Guns Tour

VIP Mobsters and Machine Guns Tour

If you want to experience a bit of Las Vegas’ colorful history, you want to VIP Mobsters and Machine Guns Tour. It’s at the Mob Museum and shooting range!

VIP Tour

This VIP experience is a must-have for any Mob enthusiast. A luxurious Mercedes Sprinter will pick you up from your hotel around 9:30am. It’ll drive you to the Mob Museum, where you’ll take a self-guided tour. See all the history the museum has to offer.  Then you’ll have lunch, and finally move on to the shooting range. There, you’ll get to fire real weapons the Mob would have used. Throw in a souvenir T-shirt, and this tour is an offer you can’t refuse!

First stop at the Mob Museum, enjoy walking through the history of Las Vegas’ mob scene, where you’ll see items such as wiretapping equipment, weaponry, photographs, old videos, and more. Learn about rackets from around the world and important cases in mob history. Get drawn into conspiracy theories, where corruption runs rampant and no one can be trusted. Test your knowledge with interactive quizzes, stand in a line up, and watch videos.

After you’ve toured the museum (and made a stop in the gift shop), you’ll be driven to the shooting range, where you’ll have the opportunity to shoot real weapons.  Professionals will assist you every step of the way, but you’ll be the one doing the firing!

Whether you’re just curious about the history of Las Vegas, or deeply knowledgeable about the Mob scene, this VIP tour of the Mob Museum and shooting range will be perfect for you. The augmented shooting experience will make your museum adventure even more realistic.  In addition to the hands-on activities at the museum itself, you’ll get a sense of the power and corruption that went into forming and maintaining the Mob’s presence in Las Vegas.  Book now for only $169!

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